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 SR  Maraster PU Marapur                           PP  Maraprop

      High-tech ink for a variety of demanding industrial printing applications such as polycarbonate membrane keyboards, pretreated polyester films, and motor vehicle instruments. Thanks to its high resistance to solvents, adhesives, etc., this ink has proven outstandingly successful in passing the required quality and climatic tests. Accelerator can be added for highly specialized requirements. (more info...)

       Versatile two-component ink for demanding applications. Suitable for packaging materials and moulded components made of pretreated polyethylene and polypropylene, e.g. batteries, buckets with high resistance to chemicals, oil, grease, and solvents. Also for metals, glass, and ceramics. High gloss outstandingly preserved in exterior use. High covering capacity, rapid curing. (more info...)           

    This special purpose one-component ink was developed specifically for use on untreated and pretreated polypropylene in the form of solid or expanded panel material, modern packaging materials such as Priplak and Akylux, and injection mouldings. Excellent adhesion and scratch-resistance, in most cases even without pretreatment. Silk gloss finish, with good covering capacity, high elasticity and rapid drying, easy to use. (more info...)

PY Marapol                                                         FX Maraflex                                                     Y Marapoxy                                         
   Quick-drying single-component ink for the printing of packaging materials made of pretreated polyethylene and polypropylene, also rigid PVC and various duroplastic. Resistant to a wide variety of solids and liquids, capable of moulding. Surface durability and resistance to solvents can be further increased by the addition of hardener. Thanks to its high gloss finish, excellent covering capacity, and rapid drying, ideal for container printing on high speed automatic presses. (more info...)

   Highly versatile special-purpose ink for the screen printing of personal plastic cards (e.g. cheque cards, credit cards, and membership cards). Can be laminated and embossed, hence also suitable for use on soft PVC materials such a watch strap. Matte, durable surface finish, high coverage capacity, can be overprinted by the offset process, rapid drying while reproducing fine details perfectly. (more info)    Tried-and-tested worldwide as a two-component epoxy based ink for drink containers made of pretreated polyethylene and polypropylene. Thanks to its exceptional covering capacity, non-clogging of the screen, excellent printing capability under all climatic conditions and outstanding gloss finish, Marapoxy U fulfills all the criteria for brilliant printing, even on colored bottle crates. Excellent resistance to cleaning agents, weak acids, oil, grease and solvents. (more info...)
  Marapoly LIM  Libramatt GL  Special Glass Ink
 A modern two-component system of Acrylic base, for printing onto drink containers made of pretreated polyethylene and polypropylene, with particularly rapid drying and setting properties for economical processing on fully automatic machines. Outstanding preservation of gloss, even in outdoor us. High gloss, good covering capacity, and outstanding resistance to chemicals represent further important characteristics of this new type of ink. (more info...)
   The Libramatt LIM is a very universal matte ink used for printing substrates where a particularly high requirement for the ink opacity, flexibility or resistance to plasticizers is required. Libramatt LIM is designed for application on rigid PVC, PVC self-adhesive foils, soft PVC, polystyrene, acrylic, polycarbonate, coated polyester, as well as synthetic and resin-coated papers, cork and cardboard. (more info...)  Designed primarily for glass and ceramic products, this two-component ink can also be used on a number of metals and pre-painted substrates, thanks to its outstanding adhesion and resistance to abrasion and water. Typical applications include industrial glass components, promotional gifts made of glass and ceramics with restricted use in dishwashing machines, tiles, chromium-plated and painted components, (e.g. writing instruments). Silk-glass finish, medium-grade covering capacity, rapid setting excellent workability. (more info...)

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