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Maribu Pad Printing Inks



      PROPERTIES:  This  glossy pad printing ink is distinguished by particularly high
resistance. Being a one-component ink, it is very quick-drying and easy to process. To raise surface stability, or other stabilities,hardeners can be added.

APPLICATION AREA: This pad printing ink can be widely used. On rigid PVC, polystyrene, ABS, acrylic glass, polyester, duroplasts and varnished substrates. Because of its high resistance, it can also be employed for products subject to high mechanical stress, the effects of hand perspiration or cleaning agents, such as control knobs,
camera housings etc. Under certain circumstances, this ink  can also be suitable for polyacetal materials.
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     PROPERTIES: High-gloss, quick-hardening, two-component ink for high-demand adhesion, scratch-resistance, mechanical and chemical resistance. Using a mattingpowder  will
vary the degree of gloss.

APPLICATION AREAS: Difficult to print materials such as pretreated polyethylene, polypropylene, duroplasts, metal and varnished substrates,
but also polyurethane, polyamide, melamine resins, and powder-coated surfaces and similar. Can also be usd for polyacetal under certain conditions.
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   PROPERTIES: Glossy ink with good covering ability, universally applicable as a quick-drying, one or two-component system.

APPLICATION AREA: This all round ink is usable on polyamide, ABS, SAN and rigid PVC, polycarbonate, metals, varnished substrates, pretreated polypropylene, polyethylene, polyurethan, polyester and duraplasts. It is therefore highly suitable for the entire multiplicity of gift articles and under certain circumstances also for polyacetal materials such as Hostaform C or Delrin.
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 GL                                                                          TPY                                                            TPT                                          
   PROPERTIES: Silky gloss, quick-curing two-component ink for printing on glass offering good resistance to dishwashing machines. Heat-curing further raises the print-resistance.

APPLICATION AREAS: Glass and ceramics for cosmetic and promotional items, etc. Also usable on many metals such a chromed parts and on varnished substrates where this special ink provides good adhesion. (more info...)


   PROPERTIES: High-gloss ink type with high covering ability and good resistance to many chemicals such as oils, greases, alcohol, gasoline. Hardeners can be added to further raise surface stability and solvent resistance.

APPLICATION AREAS: Tampapol TPY is primarily for printing on packaging produced from pretreated polyethylene and polypropylene or rigid PVC. Also widely used for duroplasts, metals, and varnished surfaces. (more info)

   PROPERTIES: High gloss, with good opacity. Resistant to chemicals, fast curing two-component system. This ink has a 16 hour pot life.

APPLICATION AREAS: Tampatech TPT is excellently suited to print onto pre-treated polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), but also onto ABS, polyamide (PA), melamine resins, metal, anodized aluminum, coated substrates, powder-coated surfaces, wood, and glass. (more info...)

 PROPERTIES: The satin gloss and fast drying ink, Maraprop PP, is mainly used when printing onto polypropylene, for example to decorate advertising products or to mark injection moulded parts. Also see the new Maraprop PP-170 Opaque White which offers our customers a more opaque white than our standard PP-070 product.

APPLICATION AREAS: Its good adhesion enables prints on many non pre-treated polypropylene materials. Mostly a pre-treatment of the surface by flaming, by Corona discharge or by applying our Special Primer P2 is not necessary. (more info...)

  PROPERTIES: Glossy, good opacity, very fast drying. A one or two component system resistant to alcohol and gasoline. Versatile, for closed cup and open well systems.

APPLICATION AREAS: Fast drying pad printing ink distinguishes itself by having good printability in a closed cup system. It is especially suited for printing on high quality products such as cosmetic packaging, housings, and other itams requiring high resistance, in industrial applications, and also in the field of promotional items. (more info...)


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